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I start this blog with a personal subject. Today, 13th of February is the anniversary of my father who died 3 years ago. I will always miss him dearly. He was a man of the forest, the mountains and the nature. Wood was his element, he could name each tree and each flower in nature as well as every mountain in Carinthia, the South of Austria. No wonder, he had climbed them all, as well as many more in Italy, Svizzera and Croatia.

Due to his profession I passed the summers with my siblings and family in a hut in the woods: No electricity, no running water, no toilet. Only a fire oven, a fountain in front of the house and the woods around.

I learned to chop the wood, play with the fir cones instead of expensive toys and I took baths with my little sister in the icy frozen stream down the hut, screaming and jumping of joy and cold.

Thank you, Papa, because I learned an important thing: To love and listen to nature and mountains and that sometimes, having less means having more.


All Photographs in Gallery: Dipl. Ing. Rüdiger Weiss © Private Maria Weiss
Photograph Header: Maria Weiss | Photograph © Stefan Schweiger

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